Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Old House

We live in an old house.  Sometimes we love that, and sometimes it's a real pain.  We bought this tiny place intending to be finished remodeling in about 2 years.  7 years later, we can say, "Yeah, right".  But along the way, we've sure had some amazing experiences, and though we've remodeled almost the entire house (with a lot of family help), it's STILL a work in progress. 

Here's the archives photo of our home.

Our home was originally built in 1915.  Actually part of the house may be much older than that, since we found some older exterior windows inside the kitchen wall.  But that's ANOTHER story.  Not too many changes have been made to the exterior since the archive photo.  We love the old radio flyer wagon in the front. 

Here's how the house looked when we purchased it.

We were not so fond of the blue trim, so we decided to paint the house.  Funny, notice the toddler bike in front - I guess some things never change.  Anyway, I'm a huge fan of beautiful old white houses, but we are surrounded by them, so we decided to go 'green'. 

Then last year, I impulsively decided to paint the front door black. Of course, Eric jumped in and finished for me. 

Did I mention I'm just a little obsessed with Roses and Lavender???

We have quite a lot of lavender! 

My daughter had a Lavender Party with her friends this summer in the front yard garden.

We love living in this neighborhood.  Quiet, great neighbors, quick walk to town, great sense of community.  We are looking for a larger home, but in the meantime, blogging the remodeling we have done to this place is going to be fun!  More to come, in between finished knitting projects :)


  1. Still in love with that hat on the main page that the baby is wearing! :D

    1. Thanks, Alyssa. I have a cute pic of you wearing it too :) I put that one on my knitting website where I document all my finished projects.

  2. What a sweet house. I like the green and black. I'm excited to see more of your projects!