Monday, October 8, 2012

Fingerless Gloves


Time for some more cable-knitting

I made these, the Evenstar Gloves, for Naomi's 14th birthday.  This is a pattern inspired by The Lord of the Rings.  I LOVED the unique cable design. 

Many months ago, while we were looking through patterns on Ravelry, Naomi spotted these and was immediately drawn to them. She even told me she thought they would look lovely in a very pale blue.   They were a complete surprise :)

I had a little trouble with the left glove.  Well uh, let's be honest, I knit the right glove twice. Knitting late at night is not always a wise thing to do. Thank goodness for Elizabeth Zimmerman's thumb trick or 'afterthought thumb'.  I was able to cut open my knitting (EEEEK!) place the correct amount of stitches on my needles and knit a thumb in on the correct side. 

And though she looks pretty stinking adorable wearing them, I'm pretty sure  it was the Dr. Who shoes that my husband made for her that stole the show.

Naomi has always been such a unique and wonderful personality in our lives.  I'm so proud of her independent soul who's not afraid to own who she really is and what she loves.  Happy 14 Naomi!


  1. you have knitted design is good... can you tell me do you use two circular needles of the same size or just one?

  2. For these gloves, I used a set of four double-pointed needles. I seem to be more comfortable with that then with using the magic loop technique, but either would work well.