Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring is Here - Almost, and a Surprise Garden

Last week, just as all my bulbs were pushing up, and primroses were blooming, we got a bit of snow. 

We loved the effect of snow falling at night, lit by the floodlights on the deck!
And my daughter asked if she could 'dress-up' for an artistic photo.
And my son, too :)
And after some hot cocoa and some warming-up, it was right back to spring, with all the snow quickly gone.
The fun part about having just moved, is that it is a process of delightful discovery in the garden.
I had no idea what would bloom.
So far I've seen daffodils, and mini-daffodils, and primroses, and grape hyacinth.
Things are budding and blooming all over the place. 

Forsythia, and bushes with fragrant pink flowers I do not recognize.
Framing the curve of the pond are bunches of daffodils, in between bunches of something else, with forsythia beginning to bud in the back.
And iris coming out of the water.
So much more to come.
So much to discover. 
It's going to be so lovely.

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  1. How fun to discover it all, it looks magical!