Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Vest - In Threes

Summer is definitely here.
I can tell because my mind is starting to race with summer ideas.
I always start the summer with really big plans.
It goes something like this:
Re-organize my house.
Get it perfectly clean.
School the kids in grammar, spelling, reading, and math.
Grow an amazing garden.
Put up a bunch of fruit.
Make my kids into Olympic champion swimmers.
Travel somewhere amazing.
Entertain a million people.
Paint and Redecorate.
And what really ends up happening?
We do work hard, but with everyone home and making messes, we about break even.
I won't have one clean room for more than just a few seconds.
I end up chasing my toddler out of stuff, creatively keeping my boys busy so that I don't kill them, and driving my teenager to a million places.
Most of that stuff, that I 'plan' doesn't happen.
But we do play.
A lot.
And it's not perfect, but it is still
The kids will sleep outside.
Drink lemonade.
Count the stars.
Climb trees.
Ride bikes.
Play in the creek.
And eat lots of popsicles.
They start out so grateful to be home.  Then after some weeks decide that they can't stand the sight of each other. And they'll get into a billion fights. There will be lots of screaming and whining.  Then after a few more weeks they'll really bond,
usually just in time to go back to school. 
This Wednesday is our last day of school.
And here I am full of excitement for it all to begin.
And making plans.
Here comes Summer. 
As for my knitting,
I finally got around to knitting the popular pattern In Threes.
This is such a well-designed pattern.
This is a baby cardigan designed to be worn from 0-6 months and beyond.  It is knitted from the top down, with no seams to sew up when you are finished. 
This yarn was dreamy.  Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage.  In this crazy kettle-dyed or hand-dyed purple-pink color with the natural dye variations.

I added some of the tree-branch buttons that we made before. 

Though it looks pretty in the garden, it will still look even prettier on a lovely little girl.  

As an aside, this week I must return some library books that I have been treasuring.  I've maxed out the renewals on these books, and I have been deeply pouring into their contents.  It has helped to improve my spinning so much.


 I also just dived in to my first Baby Surprise Jacket.  I can't wait to show you when I get it sewn up, and photographed.  Happy Knitting.

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  1. That purple is just luscious! I am hopeless when it comes to following any kind of pattern, so the ability to create something that actually LOOKS like it is supposed to is mind boggling! :)

  2. That yarn is so pretty! And looks so soft! The sweater is beautiful! And while I think making lots of plans for the summer is fun, I feel like the best days are the lazy ones where we just play play play...and maybe go to the beach :-)

  3. Beautiful yarn - beautiful sweater! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You're right. It is beautiful in the garden but I'm certain that a little person will set off that gorgeous Madelinetosh just right!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. darling in threes, love your buttons too! and is that a branch for a hanger? LOVE

  6. Love love love that cardigan!! Very pretty color you've made. I always start out with grand plans, not just in the summer!

  7. I love that pattern, and yours is gorgeous!!! I haven't made that one, since I had a boy and everyone around me seemed to do the same recently.

  8. That cardi is lovely and will be wonderful on a little girl. I love the feel of that yarn too.