Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A list of things NOT to do

I guess it is a quest of almost every person to become organized.  I suppose for many of you, like myself, it is a CRAVING.  Don't you just love neat little piles of folded laundry, brand new boxes of crayons with perfect tips, the smell of all things brand new, and neat little rows in just-vacuumed carpet?

Those are somewhat distant memories for me- but hold on here, because THIS IS NOT A RANT!

I once truly LOST my best organizing book, 'Confessions of an Organized Homemaker'.  My sister can verify this, as I had to humble myself enough to actually ASK her, 'Did I lend you my organizing book, because I can't find it anywhere?'  Yes I had it.  But I digress.  IN said book there is much advice which I dutifully tried, such as organizing puzzles by labeling every single peice but there was a rather interesting pearl of wisdom there that has saved me many times over.

A LIST of things NOT to do today.

Sounds crazy maybe, but maybe NOT.  There is a massive temptation to live in an all-or-nothing state.  We feel bad about things we can't or won't do, so then when all the sudden we are motivated we make the dreaded list.  It may start out innocent enough, a peice of paper listing things we are terrified we will forget, then growing, Growing, GROWING, into:  IF you are ME a massive list (picture Santa with a roll several yards long of Christmas requests) that would intimidate nearly anyone. 

So I've stolen this great idea, but I must officially own I'm totally taking it out of context.  The author assumes you have properly planned your tasks in advance.  I'm not even going there.  But here's my tidbit or two cents, if you will:  Sometimes it's ok to let go of everything and make room for something more important. 

Writing a list of things NOT to do is a freeing experience that allows you to declare, in writing, that you are going to let go and pay attention to something else of YOUR choice.

Here's an example:


I'm not going to do laundry - just today
I'm not going to try to organize my basement even though it bothers me every time I go down there
I'm NOT going to scrub my bathrooms, today
I'm not going to make my bed
I'm not going to worry about that pile of papers that is breeding like a virus next to my desk

Today, JUST today.  I'm NOT going to do those things.  I am going to watch birds fly and snuggle my kids.  I am going to hold still so butterflies will float by me.  I am going to enjoy my baby's smiles.  I am going to choose (Just today) that these things are the most important to me.  If I work for awhile, I will not get carried away or forget.

That is my list of things NOT to do today.  What's on yours?  I'm grateful for those birds and butterflies and smiles - Today - Life is my teacher.

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