Thursday, December 8, 2011

GNOMES!!, an Aran Sweater, a Felt Play Crown, Baby Things, And a BONUS: Some Vintage Aprons.

While I was online looking for a pattern for something else, I got distracted when I saw these waldorf-style toy knitted gnomes.  I must say making these is addicting, and my daughter is making them too.  Here's our pile so far - and I think we are planning to make a 'Gnome Home' next!
Here's the link to the pattern, for ye knitters out there:
Like I have all the extra time in the world to knit gnomes, right?  But I can't stop!  Of course, I found patterns for trees, acorns, even a log for them to hide in - maybe I'll finish those items in another life.  For now, these little guys make me happy, and though I intended them for my little babe, ALL my kids have been caught playing with them :)

Speaking of knitted toys, I need to make another one of these felt play crowns, made one for my neices and nephews a year ago, and still haven't got around to one for my own kiddos, but I did have a willing model:

I just finished a cap/bootie set for a friend of my husband's.  Love the funky colors.  And my husband's artwork.

By the way, after knitting many pairs of baby booties, and losing many pairs of booties (and baby socks which never stay on) I can officially say that this pattern is the best for staying put on baby's feet!  Not just because of the ties, but because of the ribbing on the sides.

So that you know, OFFICIALLY:  I have no time for blogging, or knitting, but clicking away keeps me sane.

Here's an Aran sweater I never meant to keep.  I was supposed to be for Eric's cousin Tuan Rigaud, but by the time I finished it, you guessed it - waaaay too small.  But it looks cute on MY little one.

This pattern is from a magazine, don't know if it's online - but I LOVE creamy colored natural wool and cables. 

And today's bonus pic:  Vintage aprons.  Yes, I have quite a collection, which I will blog about another day.  Aprons of all kinds, from lots of different era's.  Representing for me, a time when life was a little bit slower, and being at home and in the kitchen was an art...........

I am soooo in love with all things vintagey.  Merry Christmas to all of you if I don't (and I probably won't) update until after all the holidays.  But I'm hoping to finish a Gnome Home very soon............