Tuesday, February 21, 2012

For the Love of WOOL

As a typical child of the 70's and 80's I never, ever, wore anything made of wool.  In my late teenage years I tried on a wool sweater, a typical off-the-rack, factory-made sweater, and it was so itchy and scratchy I decided wool was not for me.  How little did I know then!

Since discovering knitting, a whole world of luxurious fibers is now within my reach.  Silk, cashmere, Italian merino wool.  A good yarn store is like a fine restaurant for the tactile-sensitive!  I don't even mind hand-washing special things made of wool - some things in life are worth the extra time and care. 

As you can see, I've been knitting like crazy this past few weeks - a sure sign that I've had a really difficult month. 

My last FO, of which I am very proud though, is the Pinwheel sweater.

I was going for that whole, not matching color thing.  That modern way of combining colors, where they don't match but they sort-of all go together?  Not sure I succeeded.  When I got the the black rim on the outside, I actuall took it off my needles and almost ripped the whole thing out, but when I laid it out on the floor, I went, well, this may acutally work.  It is a very unique pattern.

Here's the yarn I had to work with.  I was constantly re-arranging the colors. 

Sweater in Action!

Front View.  Love the wood toggle button, from the front it looks like a modern cardi.

And another project, another vintage pixie hat, this one from a very old knitting book I picked up many years ago at a thrift store.  This one is for a baby, so it's way too small for my daugher, but she's my closest model. 

I also made matching booties.

And wrapped it up like this.

And my last project, the Ribbed baby sweater.  This one is headed to France soon for a little boy named, Louis??  Yes, really.

So, that's it, for now!  Next blog:  I think I'll start in on our lovely little old house and the remodeling we've done over the past (now 7?!) years.  Craziness!  Get ready for some DYI before and after's!


  1. I love seeing all your projects. Everything is amazing! :)

  2. Love, love, love them all! I want one of those 'modern' sweaters for my very own. (And it all makes my beginner's knitting efforts look so puny.) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the compliments! And anything hand-knit is beautiful, no matter how new you are to the craft!