Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Dining Room


The Dining Room

Here is the pile of debris from that first day of demolition. It's also a great 'before' shot of the Dining Room. 

Removing the old cedar paneling wasn't so bad.  But we had an old chimney running through the DR/Kitchen wall. 

Here's what we got after peeling off the blue plaster-board.

You can see the spot where a wood stove pipe would've been.  Problem was, the whole chimney was leaning, and the mortar was pretty crumbly.

It had to go! 

Then came the drywall in the DR.

And the taping, and the mud, and the sanding, and the texture!

The wall where the wires are sticking out - that is just to the right of where the chimney was poking through previously.

The After Photos

And this is how it looks NOW.

Still working on the decor, but what a difference from where we started!! 

The final AFTER photo:

The DR window is one of the old house wavy glass windows that we are determined to keep.  BUT, the leaded glass in the top panel is totally fake.  You'll notice it's not in the original photo.  It is a window film product that we purchased from Lowe's, cut to fit, and applied.  No one can tell it's not an original feature!  We loved the extra detail. 

Capturing a Moment

It's been a LONG couple of weeks at our house.  Our son managed to break his thumb, and had to have two pins surgically inserted into the bone.  Not a major surgery, thankfully, but one of my mother-fears was that my kid wouldn't wake up from general anaesthesia.  Before he went to the OR, we put his magic blankie on him, and tucked 'Ruff Ruff' into his arms. 
When he came out, they had put a surgical cap on Ruff Ruff, and they had matching splints!! 


  1. Wow, your dining room is amazing! It looks so nice! I really liked how it turned out. It's so peaceful and serene. I like the addition to the window too! I'll have to show this to Mom, she liked seeing the other pictures of your home.

    Hope your little guy gets healed up soon!

  2. The dining room looks amazing! What a great job you all have done! It should be in a magazine!

  3. Thanks so much for the compliments!