Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Easter Time


Easter Table Decor

Inexpensive, neutral-colored, basic dishes and table linens can be transformed into almost any look you want on the table. 

 I love entertaining and table decor.  I want things to look beautiful on the table, but always be comfortable and family-friendly.  One day I suppose I'll worry about getting myself some nice china, but for now, it's been a creative challenge to see how many different things we can do with our plain white Corelle dishes.  We've had kids drop quite a few, so its' nice they are easily replaceable, and go with almost every kind of decor.

I just got these Rattan chargers from  They were a great deal, besides being a casual classic.  They'll look as great on the Thanksgiving table as they will at Easter.  They keep our Easter scheme from being too silly or frilly, distract you from my cheap plates, and give much needed texture in a white room.

I like smaller scale items for table decor.  We put the pitcher of flowers there for the photo.  The reality is LARGE centerpieces look good in stores and magazines, but are not functional at all for a real meal.

I got all our things out, and Naomi set this up for the photo.  So much fun to organize and arrange pretty things for Easter.

An Easter Bonnet

Also, I thought I'd share our favorite spring knitting project from last year - an Easter Bonnet for Charlotte. I LOVE knitting lacy baby bonnets which usually I  make for Christenings or Blessings. I made this one just for fun, in a beige/ecru color.

At first I had put a big bow on both sides of the bonnet, as the pattern instructed, but I was worried it looked too like 'Princess Leia' so I put it to facebook. One bow it is. Flapper style, I guess?

I LOVE the spiral star in the back - that is what drew me to this pattern.  So lovely and old-fashioned!

Okay, isn't she adorable?

Here's the pattern link on Ravelry.
Thank you to the Andersens for such a splendid place to take photos!  If you haven't visited the Anderson Gardens in Enumclaw, you are really missing out!

It's getting close to that amazing Rhododenderon-blooming time of year.  Here is more information on the Anderson gardens:

Speaking of bunnies......

I cannot believe that our littlest is almost 2!  Where did all the time go??  Looking at all the bunnies in the stores this week reminded me of these little treasures that Naomi and I knitted for our little girl.  Mom knitted the blue bunny, Naomi knitted the pink one, and we worked on them side-by-side till we were finished.  The've been loved, and it's showing on them a bit, but what a great memory we have of making those together.

Capturing a Moment

A year ago in May:  I'm taking pictures and I turn around to see this.  ZEN moment!


  1. I love your simple but beautiful Easter decor, so classy and I love the pop of color that the plates give. The nests, etc are cute too!

    I love the bonnet and the side bow on it! So lovely.

  2. LOVE the bonnet!! and the Zen Moment. :)