Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Dream Kitchen- Part 3 The REVEAL











For those of you who missed what the kitchen used to look like here's a reminder.

This is the last of the Kitchen remodel series of posts.  If you missed them, here is Part 1, and here is Part 2


My Black and White French Country Old House Kitchen

Here's the reveal!  Can I say how much I LOVE my kitchen!  It's my favorite room of the house, and for me, the most important one. 

My sister found this sign for me when she was on a trip.  Could there be a more perfect accessory for my kitchen?? Gotta love my sister, she knows me so well it's a little freaky sometimes.

For the Love of Black and White

This was the inspiration-peice for the whole room.  I picked up a set of black and white transferware at a Goodwill store 14 years ago, and that was what inspired my black and white theme.  Thank Goodness I actually bought them.  I can't even begin to mention all of the good deals, vintage finds, etc, etc, I've left behind over the years.  I'm glad I picked these up then, because I've never seen anything like them anywhere else! 

These were a lovely gift from France. Even though we don't drink wine, we appreciate how great they look in the kitchen. They are great hooks for my lovely aprons.

Another thrift store find. Copper canisters! Love the French touch that a bit of copper adds to a kitchen :)

My French Mother-in-Law painted this for us soon after we moved into the house. It couldn't have been a better fit for my kitchen!  It reminds me so much of the still life that hung in their old house for many years.   I always found it fascinating to see such a great peice of art hanging in a kitchen, a very functional room.  Turns out, that is very French, indeed :)  She is an amazing artist. 

Eric did an amazing job on the moldings and finish-work. 

What a journey! So many little things I would do differently now, but overall I feel pretty good about what we pulled-off!  We stayed within a careful budget, and compensated by putting in some fun details.   Best part is, if you walked into my house today, you'd never in a million years know what it used to LOOK like.  It feels like an old house kitchen with a French touch.  'Exactly' what I'd hoped for :)

Capturing a Moment - or a Few

Coming Soon:  I will announce our Sweater Giveaway Winner.  And I'm very busy knitting, as always. 


  1. I also love your kitchen! =) Black isn’t a common choice of color for a room, but everything went well in your kitchen design. The wall and flooring combined to give a sense of sophistication to the room. It must be fun to cook and prepare your meals in such an elegant space.

  2. Thanks! If I had money to burn, I'd invest in nicer cabinets, etc, but I wouldn't change the decor or the colors.

  3. I see why you love your kitchen. It's beautiful. I really like the wallpaper. What a huge accomplishment and transformation! Just lovely.
    I'm a new follower and hope you'll stop by, Mary Alice

  4. Mary, what is your blog address? I'd love to see it.


  5. Your kitchen makeover is fabulous!

  6. Thanks so much! We finished most of the work a couple of years ago, but I'm just now blogging the (long) process. Your latest kitchen remodel is amazing - I keep lingering over the details.

  7. Beautiful kitchen. Great job! Love the color choice.

  8. Who helped you with the budgeting? I can tell that all your hard work was definitely worth it! I like the fact that you even went to a thrift store to buy your decors and utensils. Creative minds are those who really know how to spend little for wonderful things like those. How’s your kitchen now? :D

  9. Pretty good. The flooring and cabinets have been there now for about 5 years or more. The flooring definitely could be replaced now, though we kept extra tiles, so if one gets cracked we just replace it. The cabinets are showing some wear also, they are from IKEA. I guess though, if one gets really bad, we can just go purchase another cabinet front there. Not too bad. My husband and I worked out the budget together - based on what we had at the time :)


  10. Lovely kitchen! I'm happy to find you! I became your follower!