Thursday, July 19, 2012

Living Room Update

There's so much to blog and so little time..........

It's July, my lavender is in full, deep-purple bloom,  and we've been ever-so-busy.  Between vacationing, a trip to the zoo, and getting ready to leave town again, I've been struggling to find the time to blog.

But beautiful things are happening to my home.

New Side Chair

I've had my eye on a chair just like this from Ballard Designs.  It is about 400 dollars.  I found this one at Marshalls for just over 150$.  I knew that my room needed an extra  touch-of-grace, but I didn't want to introduce anything too frilly.  I can't believe my luck!!

New Coffee Table Slipcover

OK.  So here's my summer project finally completed.  My old coffee table slipcover was fine, but it was a bit dark for my style and I wanted something new.  I am not the greatest seamstress, and most sewing projects tempt me to take a baseball bat to the machine.  I made my first cover out of twill, and it looked fabulous, with pinch pleating along the bottom.  Charlotte took some crayons to it, and though they were washable, ummmm, well, I didn't pre-shrink my fabric.  This was before I got any good pics of my creation - which after washing, no longer fits the table.

I was first inspired by this one at Miss Mustard Seed's Blog

Then I decided to go in a bit of a new direction, inspired by another of my favorite blogs, French Country Cottage, where she has been using painters' canvas drop cloths as an economical fabric source for lots of projects.  I LOVE the fabulous neutral color and rough natural texture of the drop cloth fabric.  I purchased a very large one at Home Depot, and I couldn't believe how many yards of fabric came out of that for $30!  Enough for several home decor projects. 

Besides having to figure out how a zipper foot works on my machine for the first time, I didn't do too badly.  I was a bit frustrated at first that this one was going to be TOO large, unlike my first creation, but now I love the loose-fit look, as well as the billowy, poofing fabric :)

Here it is!  The finished cover.  My kids' favorite hiding place is underneath the table cover :)

The Updated Living Room

After 15 years of marriage my husband and I decided it was time to get a brand new couch.  This was a major event for us!  The green couches we had were purchased from the 'bargain basement' of a Rent-to-Own place we visited when we were first married.  We got them for 50$!  And yes, we've had them ever since.

We purchased a new couch from Pottery Barn.  I would've loved white, but I didn't feel that was practical with our tribe, so I settled on a twill fabric in a stone color.  With the new couch, the plates on the wall, and the new slipcover on the coffee-table, it really feels more soothing. 

Here's the BEFORE

And Here's the AFTER

Now when I look from across the room, all I see is peaceful, restful, neutral colors!  For me, that is BLISS!  I LOVE the texture of neutral fabrics, and the softness of  natural, unbleached or undyed colors. 

Vintage Kitchenaid

Oh, the blessing of being in the right place at the right time.  Considering my love for all things vintage, I've had a lucky month.  I was visiting a friend, and discussing blenders, and mixers, and the fact that I still didn't own a kitchenaid, and she gave me one right there on the SPOT!  Apparently, this was one she rescued from a garbage-fate.  Can you believe it??  One day I know I would have bought one, but I soooo much prefer a vintage model. 

I love the avocado green :)  And it works beautifully, thanks Kim!

Which by the way leads me to..........

Golden Caramel Cupcakes

We made these babies for Daniel's birthday.  He requested a caramel-flavored cake, but I remembered that I had recorded an episode of Sandra Lee's Semi-Homeade Cooking with some  Golden Caramel Cupcakes that I had been meaning to try.

They are not topped with frosting, OH NO.  It is Caramel-Whipped Cream.  Fresh Cream, whipped to stiff peaks, with a can of Dulce de Leche.  I'm not a big fan of frosting anyway, and these were exquisite!

Capturing a Moment

Funny Birthday Card - no further explanation required.  Happy Birthday Daniel!  I can't believe you are 11, and you are growing into such a wonderful young man.

Coming Soon

And behind these doors lies............

I finally took pictures of the 'study' for my next remodel/blogging adventure.  Halleluiah!  I just needed one good day to clean it up in there - very difficult to find that day.  I'm so excited to show you the before and after of the den!