Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Port Townsend Anniversary Trip and Shawl Difficulties

Port Townsend Trip

My husband and I celebrated 16 years of marraige by taking a trip to Port Townsend together.  We love this place!  Good architecture and good food and lots of knitting stores for me (they have 4 or 5 within a 15 mile radius).  Not to mention the art galleries, and the street musicians (not always a plus.)

The Bazaar Girls Yarn Store
Amazing views from the hill in the uptown

So nice to spend some precious time together with my man.  Plus I made great progress on my current knitting project:  The perpetua shawl

On the Needles........The Perpetua Shawl

During my lovely trip this shawl was getting to be a peice of cake to knit.  Shawl knitting and I go way back, so this was making me feel pretty good.

Alas, those feelings were pretty pre-mature!  I've spent all week trying to figure out one silly row on the chart, almost in tears over the whole thing.  I'm great at lace knitting with instructions, "K1, YO, K2, etc", but reading those coded charts is another matter.  I found a group on Ravelry knitting the same shawl and they tried helping me out, but no one could figure it out either. 

After picking, and counting, and re-counting, and starting at the little squares on my chart, turns out that I read one of those teeny tiny symbols upside down!!!  Rats!  But problem-solved (mostly) and I'm back on the way to finishing. 

It's a lovely hand-painted yarn that is really soft, can't wait to finish - and I could use a lace shawl success story, assuming I am able to finish.

The dental floss is called a 'LifeLine'  Meaning, if I make a mistake, I have at least ONE good spot I can rip back to........

I think my favorite part of the trip was the Saturday Farmer's Market.  Pics to come!

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