Thursday, November 15, 2012

Inspired by Wild Salmon


Where the Wild Things Are

It's been a bit rough lately. Moving Mayhem, as to be expected.

Our neighbors had a bear in their yard.

We've already had raccoons get into the trash.

We found nests of dead mice in the basement walls, leading to a lot of de-construction.

My two-year-old set off the home security system.  My fourteen-year-old got quite a surprise from the Sheriff at the back door.

My husband wore his suit to church with his white tennis shoes.

And we've had the mess that you would expect.  Boxes everywhere, piles of things I don't know where to put, and children sometimes enjoying the adventure, and sometimes really sad.

My two year old started rubbing her eyes and crying the other day, "I wanna go home, I wanna go home."

I really haven't had time to knit a single stitch!!

But it's close to Thanksgiving Day.  And Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday.  For me, it comes like a needed break from any stress that I'm going through, and puts my life back into proper perspective.  Gratitude is the cure for everything :)

Inspired By Salmon

Not all the critters have been unwelcome visitors.  We have seen some marvelous Blue Heron liftoff before our eyes.  We've seen some elegant deer. 

And we have been immersed into a world of Wild Salmon.

The lovely creek by our house has been full of beautiful bright red salmon.  There is a bench by the bank where you can sit and quietly observe them.  We watch as they struggle and swim against the current.  They search for and find a place to pass through the tree limbs that are blocking the way.  Sometimes they can't fight the current anymore, so they give up and float back for awhile - but in a few minutes you'll see the same fish coming back, fighting it's way upstream again.

Our whole family has been fascinated.  We found ourselves becoming a cheer squad for those fish, really wanting them to make it back to their home where they were born.  It really hit home with some of my kiddos especially.  We are finding strength from watching Salmon.  We can fight our way upstream too, even if we have to float backwards for awhile, or rest in a shallow pool until we have more strength. 

Then this morning I take the dog out and see the sun coming through the foggy trees and it takes my breath away!  YES, everything is going to be ok.

I am going to love living here.


  1. This actually brought tears to my eyes...thank you for sharing Nancy! We sure will miss your family in our ward, but we are sure glad you have such an amazing place for your family!!

  2. Beautiful post! I want to move in! Well, not literally, but definitely via your blog!!

  3. Oh this is so beautiful Nancy. Thank you for sharing!