Thursday, November 8, 2012

Packing up ...........

This week has been a mess.

I'm packing up all kinds of things.

The books I meant to read.

All the sheet music I still haven't perfected.

The instruments I wanted to learn.

The art supplies we haven't opened - yet?

The games we forgot to play.

The pictures we didn't know we had.

I'm finding the dried flowers my daughter turned into fairy dresses.

The art from France that had fallen behind the bookshelf - like a time capsule to be opened today.

Rocks and treasures my boys gave me as gifts.

The hand-painted drums from cub scout day camps.

I'm finding my husband's childhood journal and reading,
"For Christmas I got some fun glowing legos and space land legos, two new star wars figures, and two books (one on science and one on the space shuttle)"

Some things never change.  Some things SHOULD never change.

But that was a mild distraction, so it's back to packing up I go.

Empty Shelves

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