Monday, April 22, 2013

Round and Round Together


I always knew I would become a spinner someday. 

I just knew it. 

Long ago I realized how deeply connected to fiber I was, and there were certain things about myself I always took for granted.

Sometimes things happen when you are determined to learn a skill at all costs.

Sometimes, they happen more organically.  Unexpectedly you become or learn something in a way that surprises you.

About 12 years ago I bought a little wooden drop spindle.

I tried my hand at it once in a while, but never really got the hang of it and put it away.

For over 10 years.

I wasn't discouraged, I knew it would find it's way back into my life.  When the time was right.  I didn't worry much about it.

This past month, I got it out again. 

I've been dreaming of sheep lately (should be counting sheep), and thought I should try to spin a little yarn first.

I got a video from the library.  And watched a youtube.

And BAM - it connected.

Then the cool part.

As soon as that little spindle started whirling,

round and round,

Four kids started begging....

"Mom, WHAT are you doing?"
"Mom, THAT is so cool!"
"Mom, Can I try it please, PLEASE?"

So off to the Fiber Store I went.

Now I have a basket-full of wool roving in lovely colors.

Two more pretty wooden spindles.

And five happy spinners. 

I never thought we'd all be learning this together.

Something timeless and ancient in it's motion.

Something that has been done by little children in homes for thousands of years, in this way.

We are connecting as a family through the yarn we spin.  And my kids are surprisingly thrilled by the process.


I am savoring this time together in the evenings with my kids,
sitting and spinning and talking and discovering how this works.

Comparing our yarns.  And learning to deal with some frustration along the way.

It seems to be holding the attention of some of my kids that have difficulty focusing on anything but a TV screen.

You know she had to try it

Yes, I want a wheel.


But for now, I'll stick to my little wooden spindles.

And the results are in!

My first, truly handspun YARN.  I made YARN!!! 

Three different gauge yarns with the same wool

I never imagined that I would learn to spin in this way, alongside my 'tribe.' 

But of course,

This was the right time.

It found it's way back into my life after all.

This was how it was supposed to have been all along.

Connecting us all together.  In this unexpected and wonderful way.

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  1. What a great journey you have started.

  2. Oh I love that and I just love it when my children all joined me with the drop spindle as well.
    The yarn looks beautiful.

  3. How fantastic that you are all learning together as a family, I love the yarn you have spun.

  4. Deep sigh of longing. Yes, this is something I have dreamed of, too. This summer, perhaps?

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments. It really was so much fun, and my kids are still spinning and loving it. Now for some sheep (sigh) someday :)

  6. This gave me goosebumps! I love the fact that the fiber and the process drew your family in. I think I want to learn to spin. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I about started crying when I read this post. I can just see myself where you are a few years down the road and am so excited to have a great friend that is learning everything now, so that I can pick her brain later;) Thank you for sharing!

  8. Okay, all your posts are lovely and uplifting, really ... but this one brought tears to my eyes. Oh, the magic and the simplicity and the beautiful togetherness! With no offense to my dear sweet mother ... will you adopt me, please? Your kids are being raised in such a wonderful way and I just love knowing and being inspired by all of you!!!