Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Butterfly Shawl

My recent finished object is:  The Urania Shawl.
This shawl took about 3 months, and you can see it in an earlier stage here.
Made of sturdy shetland wool, with two alternating colors - both of which have long repeats themselves.
Here is the shawl as it is blocking.  I am loving my lace blocking wires.

The colors blend right into my garden. 

I couldn't love the 'funky' colors more.
Definitely reminiscent of a moth or a butterfly.

The zig zag's or chevrons make me think the popular clothing designer Missoni.
back view

Even if I'm in a hurry, or wearing sweatpants to the grocery store, the addition of this colorful shawl makes me feel like an artist. 

Everywhere I go.

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  1. That's absolutely stunning. Well done.

  2. Oh I love this shawl. It is absolutely amazing! And I agree, the colors are awesome! Definitely would feel special leaving the house with this draped on ones shoulders :-)

  3. the shawl turned out lovely.

  4. Oh that is so pretty! and I love greens so much so that could be something in my wardrobe ;)

  5. It's gorgeous, what unusual color combination, but like you...I like funky. It's knitted right, not crocheted? When I looked at the pattern is says hook size which confused me. Did you think it was a difficult pattern?

  6. its soo beautiful! the colours do look like a butterfly's wings :)

  7. I love the shawl: You are invited to share it with Show Your Stuff:


  8. @Sandy,
    The hook size is for an optional crocheted border. I liked the way it looked off the needles, so I opted to not do the border - plus I am not a great crocheter. The knitting was very easy, but there were a couple things in the pattern that didn't make sense for me at first. I will go back and put some explanations in my Ravelry notes :)


  9. Your shawl is beautiful and the yarn you chose is perfect to show off the pattern.