Thursday, October 17, 2013

"But I just don't like it!" - Milo Vest Giveaway

It just happened to me.

You know that scene, in A Christmas Story where the Aunt makes a bunny suit for Ralphie that he can't stand??

Of course that was like a 9-year-old boy and it was a pink bunny suit after all.

But I am starting to know how the Auntie feels. In reverse. 

At first, I started knitting this vest for exactly the purpose of giving it away on my blog. It was supposed to fit a 12-month-old.  But when I finished, it was exactly the right size to fit my 3-year-old!  Fate, it would seem?  Not so.

I brought the darling owl vest over to my little girl, and well.......

She ran away.

"But I just, I just, don't like it."

So of course, thinking that she was being fickle, as they are at this stage,  I grabbed her and did what any good knitter would do.  I forced it onto her. Now she can't help but love it.

"Just get it off me!"  "Please (yes, she finally used the word) get it off, Mama."

It was at this point that I was about ready to choke all the cute little Disney princesses in the world.

Apparently, my lovely hand-knitting wasn't pink enough.

So, going back to my original plan.

Milo Giveaway

I am giving the vest away!! 

Here are the badly-written official rules:

1.  You must be in the continental US so I can ship it to you without too much pain.
2.  You must be over 18.
3.  You must leave me a comment on my blog or my FB link to this post with some way for me to identify you or contact you if I don't already know who you are.
4.  If you are a 'follower' on my blog, you get entered twice  - but remind me in your comments - please!
5.  Entry period ends October 31st, and after that my daughter will help me to draw a name (last time we put them all in a jar). 

And I reserve the right to make changes to my badly-written rules because I'm sure I'll think of something later that I should've paid attention to now.

This is of course a BIG Thank YOU!!

For all the kind words, the encouragement and support, the compliments, the comments, and so much more.  So many people have been so kind to me as I've been blogging along - making mistakes - and figuring out this giant cyber-beast of a world.  It's been so much fun, and so amazing to hear from all of you.  Stopping me at school, at the grocery-store, at church, and meeting new people all over the online world.

It's overdue, but here is the Milo Sweater.

Since it's not fit for my own little princess, but might be cute on your little tyke, and is unisex in design so it would look cute on a girl or a boy. Should fit between 2-4T. 


And No, if you were wondering.  I am not going to knit a pink one.


  1. So cute! And of course I want a chance to win it. :) An yes, I do follow your blog. :)
    -Christina R.

  2. Very Cute. :) Just started following your blog.

  3. Too bad your girl didn't like it. I find it absolutely adorable. I don't live in the US so I can't enter but just wanted to compliment you on that sweet vest! Love the owl-cables! And no, I wouldn't knit a pink one either... little princess had her chance, mwahahaha! (just kidding!)

  4. Adorable! I would love to win this for my granddaughter. Thanks so much!

  5. I just went through the *exact* same ordeal with MY 3 yo dd, who proclaimed that blue was NOT her favorite color.

    Luckily, owls are her favorites. We'd love to win.