Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In a Knitting Rut - December Knitting Projects

The past few weeks I've found myself in an odd position.

I couldn't, 
I just really couldn't,
bring myself to knit anything.
I was in a knitting rut.

I kept trying out my slipper pattern with my own handspun yarn.  But I didn't like how it was turning out.

I organized all of my knitting supplies and yarn into a lovely cabinet - inspired by this post.

But I still didn't want to pick up my needles.

Usually this is a stressful and busy time of year for me.
But knitting is a part of my stress-relief.  It relaxes and soothes my spirit.
It slows down the hustle and bustle for me.  Stitch by little stitch.

It took awhile before I figured out what was wrong, and my oldest daughter provided the answer.

While I was sitting there frustrated, she said, "Mom, what happened to all the yarn you bought to make those slippers last year?"

I had forgotten.  I had a stash of yarn in the basement for my slippers already sitting there. 
But I had latched-on to this crazy idea that I should be spinning all the yarn for slippers for all five of my kids!!

What was I thinking!
I love spinning, I love knitting, and I love knitting with handspun.

Sometimes you can't and shouldn't do it all.

I came across this inspirational quote the other day.
Something that a friend of mine put on pinterest.

I can do ANYTHING, but I can't do EVERYTHING.

So, I left the spinning and the handspun yarn aside, and pulled out my cheap, acrylic yarn that I bought last year.

And I cast on.
And suddenly a pair of slippers appeared before me.  One down.
Four more to go? 
I'm so excited about how they turned out I think I'll try a tip from another friend.

And I'll try them on my little girl while she is asleep at night, to see if they fit :)

Next slipper is already cast on.
In someone's favorite shade of green.

Will I finish 5 pairs in time for Christmas?

Who knows?

But in the middle of a hectic and busy holiday season,

My fingers have found their solace yet again.
And I feel much more peaceful as I click click click away.

Thank goodness for knitting.
So glad to finally be sharing again with Ginny on her YarnAlong.
And Frontier Dreams Keep Calm Craft On.


  1. Oh boy do I know that feeling! I love the slippers! That pattern looks warm and cozy :)

  2. You're so, so right. One thing, not every thing at once. Thank you for sharing your story - it made for a little spot of sweetness in my day!

  3. I am knitting those slippers too, I'm on the last one of eight pairs all adult sizes! Hope you have time to make all your pairs :)

    Love the quote.

  4. well at least your knitting rut was productive and you got your stash organized!!! I have knit these slippers cute! And I will cheer you on to finish all pairs before Christmas!!!

  5. Oh, I love them! I have not time before Christmas as a host of other projects are midstream, but perhaps after? Good luck to you!