Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We bought our used canoe about three years ago, and hadn't got much use out of it until we moved here.  There's nothing better for bored boys on a Saturday afternoon than to suggest they get out the canoe.

A few things to note:

Our pond is not very big.  Lengthwise it is only about three times the size of the canoe.  So basically you can go around and around (kindof) or back and forth a few times and you're done. :)

My boys complained that they couldn't lift the canoe, but after that I replied, "If you can't carry it you aren't big enough to use it............."  And, somehow they found a way to team up and carry that thing down to the pond and launch it in.  (Without of course, thinking about how they'd get it back out!)

No, they don't exactly know how to row, so there was a lot of complaining.  "No this way, don't sit over there we'll tip, etc etc."

The thought of one of them going in terrifies me.  Drowning is one thing, mind you, but there is maybe four feet of quicksand-like MUD that we know is at the bottom!!

Still, there's nothing like water and light and shadows on a quiet pond.  Ok, maybe it was quiet before the boys got onto it.

And why is it that all the pretty lakes and places in the world can't compete with having our very own little pond?

After awhile Dad decided to jump in and help his kids actually learn how to row the right way. It was a futile effort, but I think he needed a break from working on the chicken coop! Other than that, we just let the boys work everything out with more trial and error.

But by the end of the day, they had somehow, someway, figured out how to leverage all their energy into hoisting that canoe back up the bank and out.

Where before I had heard, "I'm too weak", now I was hearing three voices in unison, "1, 2, 3, heave!"

I love simple things.  I love simple lessons.  They happen.

Sometimes I 'forget' all the fighting and complaining and whining that takes place before that MOMENT comes.  But that's all part of it, too.

But it came.  That moment with sun and light and clear water and three boys finally figuring out how to work it out together.

It doesn't get much better than that for me.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Then and Now Pics

I'm getting ready for a new baby to come around the 4th of July.

With all our babies, we have never found out the sex beforehand via ultrasound.

There are pros and cons of choosing 'not to know.' But we still prefer the mystery.

The only thing that makes it difficult is of course, is the knitting!! 

I am yet again faced with a dilemma.  If it's a girl, I know I will want to knit another christening/blessing gown.  If it's a boy, I'll knit something else (I have a sumptuous heirloom blanket/shawl in mind right now). With my limited time and resources though, I'm trying to determine if and how much of a lace gown I want to attempt at this point.

During my last pregnancy, I decided to just start a gown, just in case, and at least get several inches into it, which I could abandon later if I chose to after the baby was born, OR, continue on it if I wanted to.  But to get started, that was the thing.

I pulled out the last dress I made to have a look at it.  Oh the memories!!  It was and still IS the most tricky thing I have ever made, and a miracle to me that I ever finished it (with prayerful help.)  While my mind was racing through the design ideas and possibilities for another gown the thought occurred to me..........

The 'Dress' might still fit my Charlotte.

So we tried it on, and Voila. Ok, so the top button in the back would've been a stretch and I didn't feel like pushing that one.  

But I ended up with a great Then and Now photo op. Despite my camera skills and lack of photoshop.  

And the fact that my now almost 4-year-old doesn't ever sit still for a moment!!

Even if I don't decide to make another gown at this point, I definitely will in the future.  It's no small undertaking, so for now, I'm trying to build up my strength, "I think I can, I think I can...." This while I am still in lace-knitting mode and before May and June hit - which inevitably are so busy for us that I know time will fly right on by.