Saturday, April 5, 2014

Then and Now Pics

I'm getting ready for a new baby to come around the 4th of July.

With all our babies, we have never found out the sex beforehand via ultrasound.

There are pros and cons of choosing 'not to know.' But we still prefer the mystery.

The only thing that makes it difficult is of course, is the knitting!! 

I am yet again faced with a dilemma.  If it's a girl, I know I will want to knit another christening/blessing gown.  If it's a boy, I'll knit something else (I have a sumptuous heirloom blanket/shawl in mind right now). With my limited time and resources though, I'm trying to determine if and how much of a lace gown I want to attempt at this point.

During my last pregnancy, I decided to just start a gown, just in case, and at least get several inches into it, which I could abandon later if I chose to after the baby was born, OR, continue on it if I wanted to.  But to get started, that was the thing.

I pulled out the last dress I made to have a look at it.  Oh the memories!!  It was and still IS the most tricky thing I have ever made, and a miracle to me that I ever finished it (with prayerful help.)  While my mind was racing through the design ideas and possibilities for another gown the thought occurred to me..........

The 'Dress' might still fit my Charlotte.

So we tried it on, and Voila. Ok, so the top button in the back would've been a stretch and I didn't feel like pushing that one.  

But I ended up with a great Then and Now photo op. Despite my camera skills and lack of photoshop.  

And the fact that my now almost 4-year-old doesn't ever sit still for a moment!!

Even if I don't decide to make another gown at this point, I definitely will in the future.  It's no small undertaking, so for now, I'm trying to build up my strength, "I think I can, I think I can...." This while I am still in lace-knitting mode and before May and June hit - which inevitably are so busy for us that I know time will fly right on by.


  1. Love it! How wonderful that it still fits and how adorable she looks in it, both then and now.

  2. I love this work! (And also, I am haunting your blog looking for signs of that new babe!)