Friday, May 30, 2014

Charlotte's New Pixie Hat

My all-time favorite baby/child hat is the Pixie Hat.

It's a Vintage Pattern.  It has an old-timey, old-fashioned feeling to it, yet is modern too.

My first one was a success, and it was worn absolutely everywhere.  It grew with my little one from about 4 months of age, and after some adjusting, until she was almost 3.

After about 12 months of age I discovered that I didn't like the button band at all, picked it off, and threaded some I-cord through the bottom.

Voila - now it fit her much longer.  And in subsequent versions of this hat, I've knitted in eyelet holes along the bottom edge.

I had so many people comment on this hat over the years.  One older gentlemen stopped me in the grocery store, saying he loved the hat and it reminded him of something from older times.

I missed her 'fairy hat' so much that it was time for a new one.  Truth is though, I always seem to be a bit behind on knitting for myself or my own kids, especially this year, as I've had lots of babies to knit for this year.  I got lucky this time though, since this new hat was one I intended for my newborn neice,  but ended up about 5 sizes too large!!  Yep, that still happens.  It was a perfect fit for my three-year-old though, and will fit her for a long time to come.

On the needles now:  A teeny matching version of her hat, for her stuffed kitty and her dolls.  Hopefully I'll finish it soon along with my crazy long list of things to knit right now.  Hats for this fall for my boys, baby layette items and toys for the new baby, a shawl for me......

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  1. Your pixie hat is lovely, a really fun design. Your daughter looks so cute and really happy wearing it.
    Ali xx

  2. Such a lovely design , and daughter! She must just adore it!

  3. Your daughter is so cute! Love the colors of the hat. :)

  4. What adorable little hats!!

  5. She looks so happy wearing her hat - lovely!

  6. Beautiful! And your pictures are putting a smile to my face :-)

  7. Such a sweet little hat, it really suits her :)