Sunday, December 28, 2014

Slower Days

They don't happen here very often anymore.  It seems we move from crisis to crisis most weeks.  One week it's sick kids, another week it's dental appointments, or it's something else.  All the while I am moving through the colder weather craving the comforts of home.

We had a big wind storm last month.  Our chicken coop has a new skylight and our ducks took a ride, tumbling around for 20 feet in their crate - I think it stopped them from laying, poor things! While we are still building their shelter, we now have trees down everywhere and lots of cleanup to do.

 Worst of all, our beloved treehouse blew apart!  It was really solid too.  The worst of the wind hit it, and the sides acted like sails, ripping it apart.  I hope we can fix it soon, we are missing it already.

This holidays have brought some time off from school and some much-needed family time.

Time, finally to slow down and feel like I am in tune with the seasons.

Time, to bake bread.

Time to knit or spin.

Time for Dad to do some painting with the kids.

Time to take a deep breath and be grateful.

It's the knitting that I've missed the most.  I've started and stopped a few projects, some I got stuck on others I couldn't concentrate on while being pulled in different directions.

But Oh, how I've craved my needles.

And the projects that I have planned are endless!  I know I don't have time to do all that I want to do, but for now I keep plugging along at it when I can.

I'm clicking away on a little something special for our littlest member of the family.