Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweater Winner! and Savoring Moments

It's been such a crazy month!!!

First, we do have a winner - Congratulations to Cassie Jones.  I will be contacting you shortly to send you the owl sweater.  I hope you love it! 

Not much blogging, not much knitting, not much of anything extra going on, just an endless succession of appointments and assignments and running around.

Which makes me grateful now for a special day this past month.

Sometimes my greatest joys are spontaneous.  They are choices made, in the moment, to savor an opportunity that arises.

So often I'm that too busy mom.  The one that is wrapped up in my own self and the things that I think are most important.

It was on one of those busy days when I thought, "Wouldn't my boys love to jump in the leaves?  I wish we could do that." I was realizing that at our previous home, not too long ago, there had been no trees, and no leaves to rake. 

I was so tired.

And I didn't have time to go out and rake with my boys for an hour, I really didn't. 

But I found myself outside with the rakes. 

And when they were finished playing in the pile they said, 'Mom, that was the most amazing fun EVER!'

I was so grateful that I had taken that time.

In hindsight of course, it seemed that the other things maybe weren't as important as I had thought them after all.

Isn't that how it always is?


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

 I hope your holiday finds you overwhelmed with the blessings in your life.  It certainly is that way for me.